GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 32

RAFFERTY’S RULES Gwen Blake & Jacqui Lawrey When Gwen Blake, Managing Director of packaging design agency, Boxer & Co. went along to her first LBD dinner in Crow’s Nest, Sydney in February last year, she had no idea just how big an opportunity she was going to be faced with. Jacqui explained to Gwen at the LBD dinner that she was about to run a pitch for the redesign of the Rafferty’s Garden packaging but that sadly it was one week too late for Gwen’s company to be part of that pitch. “I had been back at work for just a few months after my second baby’s birth and was enjoying the juggle of business and being Mum to 4 year old Samson and 5 month old Onnie.” Gwen wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer. “I hounded poor Jacqui by email and phone, explaining why we were the best agency for the job until she allowed my agency to be part of the pitch. It just seemed like such a fantastic fit that I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without giving it my all’, said Gwen. Gwen found herself sat on a table with Jacqui Lawrey, LBD member and newly started Marketing Manager of Rafferty’s Garden, the leading brand in wet baby food in Australia. “I was right in the baby zone myself and using the Rafferty’ 2v&FV