GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 27

“We must open up all areas of our service to women – so that it’s not gender by which we judge talent – it’s talent by which we judge talent.” No man is an island, in the words of John Donne. We prosper or fall according to the health of our society. Culture really counts – it pervades everything, and thus if the stories we tell are inclusive and are around the themes of talent and inclusivity, and include men and women, then that’s the right message.” I am going to enclose a link to his speech at the Global Summit, because after two interviews and several (rather large) meanderings off topic, I am stunned by a man not only with a plan, but who has had the brain, the brilliance and one could say the arrogance (and the cajones) to carry that plan out. I have no idea what David Lindsay Morrison is going to do post-Army. He will possibly, whilst still in the position, arrange a special court-martial for me, simply because I couldn’t help myself and included a link to THAT YouTube video. But I will say this; I hope for the sake of women, men and Australian society as a whole, that it is something very public and loud. Because if this is what he can do in just four years, in an organisation which fights change with all its khaki-covered might What could he do with an entire country?