GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 20

“What I try and do – if you see me down out the park, or see me on social media, or see me at a speaking gig – actually yesterday someone came up to me and cried – I have tried to be as honest as possible. No spin, no hype. As soon as you get some level of success, people put you on a pedestal, and I am not interested in that guru label – everyone should have their own journey, and their own focus. They need to take the good with the bad. My next book comes out on the 12th of February. It’s much more nurturing and personal, and it will be interesting to see how people perceive me. I got Jack and my mum to read it, because there’s a lot of them in it – I had to be courageous!!” As someone who works in branding in my other life, I am also absolutely awestruck by the way Lisa has harnessed the power of social media for Brand Messenger. She is the Goddess of Google, the High Priestess of Pinterest - call her what you will, this is a woman who can Instagram a room into submission with one well-thoughtout hashtag. I want to know the secret to her #success... “Yeah, I suppose a good example of this... in the last 24 hours – we had over 180 shares of the new product range; [the] poster and candle and book. It’s about getting into the groove. My biggest tip is this; success is in the strength of the product; and it’s about being in multiple touch points. Next year we are bringing out at least 30 products – around the print magazine, and product across different disc iplines. It’s about us being on tablet, and me being constantly and consistently across social media, doing 3 speaking gigs a week – and yes, it’s about being authentic, and knowing your why.” I say to her that I have seldom seen someone so driven (with the exception perhaps of someone who shall remain nameless, cough, Janine Garner). What is it that makes her want to keep going and breaking new boundaries? “It has actually changed over time – now, it’s much more about giving back. I did a good ten years of solid personal development; now it’s about inspiring other people and letting them know that they can do, and achieve, whatever they want. That’s what keeps me going.” I mentioned before that Lisa has had two of her dream interviews, but she admits that there are a few who still elude her (and George