GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 18

Messenger Of The Gods An exclusive interview with Lisa Messenger Kate Stone There aren’t many people who are lucky enough to answer, when you ask them the question ‘who would you most like to interview - alive or dead?’ with the words: heading for a very long afternoon nap. “Richard Branson - ummm, tick! Martha Stewart well, I guess she’s a tick too...” The rest, as they say, is magazine history. On the 4th of March last year, the Renegade Collective hit newstands with a pretty loud bang. It wasn’t glossy. It wasn’t airbrushed. It had swirly writing on the cover, and a massive online presence called the Collective Hub. It was a magazine, sure - but then again, it was something entirely new. It was a zineaverse, and immediately, it caught the imaginations of the Australian consumer public. This would be really, really annoying but for one thing. I’m talking to Lisa Messenger, and trying to be annoyed at someone you happen to think is pretty damn amazing is actually quite hard. Imagine it’s 2001. You’ve decided to start a fairly risky new business, based on sponsorship, and just to make things extra tricky for yourself, you decide to launch it straight after 9/11. People aren’t too keen on giving out cash to a entrepreneurial venture they don’t really understand. But does that deter you? No. Turn around to 2013, and The Messenger Group is a content creation, branding, design and marketing solutions one-stop shop. But that’s not enough. Things in traditional publishing are looking a bit well... stale. There are magazines going under literally by the dozen, and the industry is at, if not a standstill, then certainly Perhaps what’s needed is an alarm clock of sorts to wake things up a little bit? This has to be put down in part to the incredible power of Lisa’s own personal magnetism, because she is a one-woman rock show. I have never seen people respond to someone outside of ‘celebrities’ in the traditional sense (although I am not sure that meaning exists anymore) the way they do to Lisa. And I understand it, because you know what? She is genuinely, tremendously likeable. This past year has seen Brand Messenger go from strength to stength - both personally and professionally. Followers of her social media adventures will know that her now fiance Jack Delosa, head of private business education I would have loved to have a conversation with Nelson Mandela... So extraordinary – to be in prison for as long as he was and maintain his positive attitude towards other human beings.