GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 80

Upon the inner bliss gained I muse and muse And magically the whole being is filled with bliss of a sage (3) In winter it looks comely like a nautch girl Long and slender it moves along the bank With every movement it shines like a pearl Nothing mystical but free, fair and frank Myriad small ripples swirling at times look like a hank (4) On my mind and soul is etched the pretty face Stars netted in the waves shine in moon-lit night So sweet and milky it goes on with all its grace In the clear azure sky the Moon stands at height My scrolled soul is thrilled at the heavenly enchanting sight (5) With the wind a cloud comes and hides the Moon Poor Sbisah appears gloomy and miserably sighing The ripples numberless abruptly stop dancing soon 80