GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 8

they happened to have read some interesting information is a tiny book written by one Fred Royston. All along the path of this interesting novel, one meets some very interesting characters. There's Chauhan, who goes by his instincts when it comes to hiring someone; there's the tall and serious-looking Jamshed Mehta and his beautiful wife Ruby who live in the lap of luxury and have servants who slip in and out so silently, they could be invisible; there's scapegrace Uncle Walter, who could very well be the Black Sheep of the family; and, of course, the man himself, Lachmandas Bhagnani, ‘more perceptive, more focussed and more human’ at seventy-eight years of age, and all the more powerful for remaining behind the scenes. And, finally, there's the irrepressible 'Ma Grissom' who will not offer lunch but does have a lot more to offer. What follows is a roller coaster ride of loops and turns and twists and tunnels, where we run a gambit of emotions from mere curiosity to pure terror as Reuben is kidnapped at one point and held hostage. Somewhere, betwixt so much happening—and all because of a tiny book—romance blossoms and blooms...and age becomes what it is anyway—just a number. Back home and to the rambling cottage and the rusty typewriter, things finally fall into place. The truth is nearer 8