GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 76

TO THE RAINDROPS ON GLASS, In a subtle brushstroke of the creator, just how the mild sunshine complements the rainbow, you were tailor-made for glass. On hot summer evenings, when petrichor fills the earth to its brim, I never fail to notice the droplets on the window. They take me to parched lands, where the dark clouds had finally given some hope to the many rippled foreheads that waited. You slowly engulf the glass, drop by drop, until the greenery outside melts in a distant blur. On those mornings that ache in the burden of routine, while in the office cab, I see the driver wipe off the romanticism from the road ahead. It reminds me of the name I had scribbled on the glass, slowly succumbing to leaving it foggy in the imprint of my palm. I have seen a few others draw broken hearts since. 76