GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 7

"As if the winds had barged in through the windows from east and south, entering to mourn his brother's loss, staying on to gambol and have fun. As if they'd played tag with each other, tackling and grabbing, gushing in and out of rooms, upsetting curios and throwing down books and shifting furniture, spraying dust like those North Indian fellows sprayed Holi, coating everything in their path, leaving behind a still and desolate house. Like a riotous festival after everyone has left. What remained were visiting birds, squeaking squirrels and unseen rats, their musty-stinking leavings everywhere. Travelling ants, and probably small snakes. So many leaves! A variety of bad smells. Echoes of grunting wood." Apparently, somethings came with the cottage: a legacy left behind by a gentle and rather intellectual, nerdish professor brother who had rattled away on the rickety old typewriter. It wasn't just things that came with it. Molly, the Girl, who helped clean up, whose sudden, silent appearance leads to a mishap, with Reuben attacking her with the broom. However, despite this rather unconventional first meeting, things work out and they find common ground. It helps that both of them have a rather childlike disposition and the "let's do it" enthusiasm, so necessary for adventure. In fact, that's what takes this Perry and Della pair all the way up to Mumbai just because 7