GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 44

Psycho-chromatic, on the King Purple, people tended to depend Yet The King- always tying up all the corners at every loose end And let’s wash in some displaced Futility in colors blue Because the King was a Promise that almost came true Double sided by himself, King regressed to the Before Afraid of the Imminent, Future lost, closing every door -------Post Fulfilment Emptiness and Ennui King reaching for that elusive magic high------- Cement fingers, feet on the aching earth, Cheek against the warm sky Never defeated, Never victorious, finally King stormed the Dawn Indigo And where King went unchallenged, one day we will all have to go… Now that the King faded and did die We must build a Rainbow in the Sky, We must build a Rainbow in the sky A Little Forever to remember him by… 44