GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 363

THE FIERY RED LIGHT I don't like those traffic signals on that roundabout. I don't know if it has some deeply ingrained prejudice against me. Because, as it sees me approaching, it flashes the fiery red and I have to stop. And then I see an old lady walking forward from the side of the road who has been waiting for the red signal up till now. She has wrinkles all over her face and hands. Her silvery hair shines bright under the sun and her saree unlike all the beggars in the city is clean. Her eyes are strikingly nonchalant. And her face looks very sad: long, thin and drooping. She walks slowly and reaches out to every single man and woman in hurry. She stretches out her arm with a steel bowl. Someone in the traffic takes out the wallet and drops a coin in her bowl. She takes it to her forehead as a gesture 363