GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 36

The single motherhood sojourn taught me to introspect within. My mind ran on an ‘explore me’ track. Soon I landed on a plain of wonderful ‘Me discoveries’. Today I am a tall and a passionate person in life. My patience to withstand odds is far more to an incremental boost. The single motherhood factor made me courageous in nature. Challenges melted with optimum solutions. By profession I am a Creative Artist. I architect and design educational study-material for children in schools. My motherhood experience has taken me ahead, leaps and bounds in my professional life. Juggling work-life with mommyhood has been tough, but striking the right balance has been restored. I am too much of a wanderer at heart. The adrenalin gush inside me compels me, “Let’s do more”. It has revoked back my travel passion. I love to see different places with my son. Understanding various cultures and their life has been interesting. The mom inside me has also given birth to my writing instincts. I love to express my takes on life via the writing medium. I love my silent voice to reach the masses for some revolutionary change. To sum up, I’d say the #MoreToMe in me is my being a mom. I feel re-born again. I have reached the zen through this beautiful journey which the Almighty designed for me with my son. 36