GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 354

“Such charm, why do you degrade your beauteous self with jeans and salwars and skirts?” From the traditional rigids, however, came more cutting remarks, So unjustified of the uncut six meter length. Knuckled fingers joined the caustic mouths to declare that Finally I had on the garb of the respectable married Indian woman. Knuckled fingers, however, was all succulence with her married son. “Poor guy, such a discomfort for him today. The occasion demands a dhoti.” Who runs the patriarchal domination, I wondered, walking away, A silent bearer of the ethics of a wedding ceremony guest, when Aunty Whatever’s-her-name waylaid me to proclaim, "At last!" Tshirts-keeshirts, jeans-veens, she said, they give her the crawls, 354