GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 35

#MORE TO ME - THE HARBRINGER OF LIFE (Dedicated to Mother’s Day, 12th May, 2019) Mom is just a word, but this one word resonates in my ear for which every woman desires a tag to be associated with. When God created mankind, he chose women as the creators of life. We women are blessed with the power of making a new ‘you’ within you. We are the nurtures of life. The journey of being a single mother has been the most enchanted one in my life. It created a bundle of joy whom I cherish every day. While God empowered us to be Moms, I’d rather say it’s my little munchkin who has made me a ‘MOM’. The nourishment it brought in my persona for the past 13 years is impeccable. My potential came into being and soon I discovered the real Me. I felt enriched. 35