GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 256

Rajesh Khanna ne kholi almari Almari se nikli Meena Kumari Meena Kumari ne todi roti Roti se nikli Tun-tun Moti Tun-tun Moti ne phoda anda Ande se nikla Tiranga jhanda Tirange jhande ne dee pukar Raj karega Hindustan Jhadu mare Pakistan In other cities, when we visited on holidays, the puerile nationalism (I suppose men never grow out of it) was directed at the Soviet Union or the United States, sometimes Britain and France, but for us border children, with the barbed wire and sandbags ever present, it was always the country across, which our history books and grandmothers told us, was torn out of us. One of these grandmothers, a sight to see for 9 year olds, her wrinkles dressed in a gold-threaded chunri held up an embroidered jutti, whose partner she said was just across that deadly fence. Her grandson who went to school with me often schemed with us to get to the other side to recover it. Luckily there were enough ripening corn cobs in the fields 256