GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 248

Oh how much, Karan rued this revelation, at the eleventh hour! A lifetime of lost opportunities, his rightful place in Court, Justice delayed is but justice denied! An off-hand irresponsible act, Snowballed into such a dilemma, throwing up universal debates of right and wrong! The ill-fated warrior, bound by his principles, agreed to not harm her Pandavas, A man of honour, his loyalty to Duryodhana, still unshakable, Kunti has to keep the secret,till his death, As Kaunteya and fate so conspired, he kept his word, sparing the lives of the Pandavas; Much was salvaged in the eleventh hour and much lost for time ran out; There was no turning back - all is fair in love and war? You pay for your misdeeds; but yet you can be redeemed; if you will try, at the eleventh hour.. Karna got a warrior’s funeral as the eldest son; 248