GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 148

“But it will help others to not dash into you and hit you on your way home in the darkness at this late hour of the night.” “Thank you. That's a fine idea.” “Go home. Hold it in your one hand and your white cane in the other.” I started walking back home late at night after the wedding party. The time spent there with friends was more sumptuous than the food served. I have enjoyed the warmth of human tenderness in these relationships in my mind's eye. The full definition of sympathy was showered upon me like the first drops of summer rains. And this lit lamp in my hand now is the last show of my friend's sympathy. The thoughts rewinding were blocked by an abrupt, sudden knock by someone on my right side. It seemed a man had collided with me. I heard his frowning apologies. “Sorry Sir.” “Why Sir, can't you just notice my lamp burning?” “Eh, what?” “It's darkness I know, and I am blind, I couldn’t see. But this lamp is for you to see me coming.” 148