GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 139

So I got down and forgot to take my bag, which contained my water and umbrella and hanky. The taxi left. I found a young man walking and asked him where the airport quarters were. I told him I had come back from the dead and couldn’t find my house. He laughed and led me to new quarters. Chalo kuch tho mila. I thanked him and was deeply touched because he had actually gone out of his way to help me. A man got down from his bike, "Atho gorom aache. Chatha nei aapnar kaache?" (It’s so hot. You don’t have an umbrella?) "Taxi the chede diyechi dada". (I left it in the taxi dada.) He left. Thankfully, new quarters remains almost intact. From there, i went to the grave yard nearby. No one has disturbed my father's grave. I felt the familiar peace descend on me. So many days I used to come here to spend time, to sit and study. From there, I took a cab back to Dum Dum, and the previous cab driver came running "Didi, aap bag chod ke chale gaye! Dekh lijiye sab hain ke nahin..." (Didi, you left your bag! Please check it see if everything is there.) 139