GloMag GloMagMay2019 - Page 119

Don Beukes: He is a bilingual South African British writer and the author of 'The Salamander Chronicles' (Creative Talents Unleashed) and 'Icarus Rising - Volume 1’ (Alien Buddha Press). His poetry has been anthologized in numerous collections and translated into Afrikaans, French, Farsi and Albanian. He was nominated for the Pushcart Poetry Prize in 2016 and the Best of the Net in 2017 by Roxana Nastase, editor of Scarlet Leaf Review for his trilogy 'Esorfo Ygolirt/Trilogy of Rose'. Marcel Herms: He is a self-taught artist. His work is about freedom in the first place. There’s a strong link with music. He draws, he paints, he makes 3-dimensional objects and artist books (and audio art). His work was printed in many (inter-)national publications and he designed a lot of record- and book covers. He collaborated with many different, authors, poets, visual artists and audio artists from around the world. 119