GloMag GloMagMarch2019 - Page 8

position and angle, so to speak, not shying away from lust, loss, and, of course, love. --J. Stephen Howard Duane sums up every poet, writer, and musician’s emotional state of mind. This is truly a masterpiece of poetry. --Ann Christine Tabaka Duane Vorhees' latest book is a celebration of love that could only have been written by a man who has lived as much as Mr. Vorhees has. It is an exclamation of language, sex, intimacy, and exploration that is both intensely personal and shouted from a stage with a bullhorn. It's a most impressive collection and highly recommended for all lovers of modern poetry. --Keith Francese What you will find in this book is a playful use of words and language, even from the very beginning. Vorhees takes life and love and uses poetry as a medium for exploring its complexities. --JD DeHart 8