GloMag GloMagMarch2019 - Page 7

--Lauren Scharhag Love’s Autobiography: The ends of love controls the atavistic impulses of poetic creation in an attempt to portray the essence of love and the sensations of desire. Poetry itself is revealed as a prison of language, something bolder and more musical than prose. --Dustin Pickering A confession, but the tricky Hollywood kind, where you confess how you're going to burn down the villain's house. Where you tell the buxom lass how long you've been in love with her. --Robin Wyatt Dunn In this ledger-book the different chapters are all known to us. We find tenderness, tragic, contempt, humour, weakness, uncertainty...presented to the reader sometimes in a mirthful, sometimes sad tone, sometime in an enigmatic, ironical, surrealistic, cynical, metaphorical, even hermetic tone or just in a "matter of fact" way. --Paulette Spescha-Montibert Duane Vorhees gives us poems to reflect on how we feel about a subject that has affected us all before and after our birth. He unabashedly comes at the subject from every 7