GloMag GloMagMarch2019 - Page 376

The house was big with many rooms. It was the house of a big joint family, and in the centre, there was a courtyard. Old man and woman spent most of their times in the courtyard. It was their house. As the Sunrays came in through the open courtyard and crawled up the wall, children came out of their rooms. Somehow, they had an inexplicable aversion for their closed rooms, they loved the open courtyard and their grandparents. However, soon discordance among their sons went irreparable, and it was decided that the house would be divided. And, so it happened, along with the big house the courtyard was divided too. They fought over their parents, the biggest question was where would they live if there wouldn't be any courtyard. The solution popped up in their minds easily that they would go to an old age home. Old woman cried, she 376