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She loves reading, photography and traveling. Flowers are her all-time favourite subjects for photography. She also dabbles in pencil sketching at times. Art Perspective The cover picture for Glomag has been one of my favourite pictures. I was visiting the Kas Pathar ( Maharashtra's valley of flowers) in October 2018. Hoping to see and click thousands of flowers, that day it was hundreds of people everywhere. Loud, flashy, insensitive to nature, scrambling to get clicked near the flower beds even if it meant crushing a few flowers. Just then I saw these purple/pink flowers. Such was their beauty, that it relegated the people to background as dark shadows. While looking at the picture afterwards, I felt that in spite of all the colours that the people wore, they looked just black and white when compared to nature and the flowers. That is when I decided to try the colour pop technique to only keep the colour of the flowers and that was it. I had this picture 'People are monochome'. Every other being in the nature finds glory in the colours that they are born with and only we colour ourselves using cosmetics/clothes/jewellery to hide the lack of colour. 3