GloMag GloMagMarch2019 - Page 286

“Yeh…. One day morning when the milkman came, he saw Meenakshi was free from the ties in the cattle shed. When he saw that Meenakshi was freed, the milkman got angry and shouted loudly, “Hey! Who freed the calf? She must have drunk all milk. My God! What I will do? What shall I say to the Majesty? Oh! What will I say?” He was shivering with anger. The case directly reached to the centre. “Centre means… your father?” she asked. “mm…. yeh. Then there was nothing to say. The guava tree that stands in the courtyard lost two stumps. Father had beaten me till they had broken into several pieces…” Actually, I was not the one who freed Meenakshi. But as it is always, as if a drum in the hands of a drummer.” His words were wet and broken with sorrows of the past. Whether she realized it or not, he noticed that her face looked sad, and little pearls of love had emerged from her eyes. Shadows in the waters of the Periyar River darkened. Resonance of evening prayers from a nearby temple and masjid spread in the air. (to be continued ..... in next issue) 286