GloMag GloMagMarch2019 - Page 285

mother cow, we named ‘Madhu mathi’ and her naughty calf we called ‘Meenakshi’. “Hai sweet names…” she said. From her face it was obvious that she liked those names. He continued, “We liked Meenakshi very much. Her naughtiness had made us play with her every morning. She liked us too, she exhibited her affection by jumping and running between us, keeping her little tail up.” “Oh…nno…, I wish I had been there to play with her,” she said. “Really, I still have Meenakshi’s naughtiness in my mind,” he told her. “But we all hated one man, who came daily morning to draw up milk from her mother. He always drew completely, never leaving even a little milk in her mother’s teat for Meenakshi.” “Oh Poor Meenakshi! God! How can that man have been cruel like this?” she asked. The last traces of reddishness had faded in the far evening skies. Looking at her, he continued… 285