GloMag GloMagMarch2019 - Page 258

"It's a coincidence", I said to myself. The dentist said there were nice songs today on the radio, and when dentists express opinions deep into your dentition, you tend not to argue. But I decided to change my opinion when aanewala pal, jaane waala hai... ho sake to isme zindagi bitaa do pal jo yeh jaane wala hai... came on. It was a conspiracy I knew, but the song was catchy, I knew the lyrics, and so I did not realise when they had put the gutta percha in and sealed the tooth. As I was paying at the reception, the croon-box belted out pal, pal, pal, pal, har pal, har pal, kaise katega pal har pal har pal... I fled for life. missing a white my boy shows me his haul of marbles 258