GloMag GloMagMarch2019 - Page 120

And then I heard from inside, Allah: "The dark and the light, the female and the male, the hallowed and the damned -- and the wide and varied spectra between -- all inhabit the same castle hovels, eat identical fruits and breads, all fill their mutual lungs with the same necessary air. They live only to die alike. Thus saith Buddha the LORD." (A frolicsome collie is crushed beneath the wheels of the speeding Mercury.) And then from inside I heard Buddha: "Siblings are the sinister and sincere. The thankless are inseparable from the sanctified. The unhurt and the maimed share one body after all, hidden by illusions of skin and gender, atlas and caste. Thus saith Krishna the LORD." (A gynandromorphic monarch flutters to the patient finger of the eager child.) And then from within came Krishna: "The ancient one was an infant once, just as the babe shall once day age. Nights belong to insomniacs and narcolepts alike, and the sun is 120