GloMag GloMagMarch2019 - Page 116

my inner blue. I thought I would be able to recognise you in my daily midnight mirror refection but I soon gave up as I realised this earthly gap was too deep for us to finally meet, so I chose to urgently seek you out down in demon alley hoping to return your embrace or even just lock eyes on your unknown face but that was not meant to be, as darker forced kept us apart, hoping to crush my now brittle leaking heart – Do you even hear my nightly frantic cries? Severed Chevrons – How many more false bends do I have to circumvent before crashing over this deepening cliff for the mere chance of even a momentary glance of your existence? My blood flow interrupted, my soul smothered. After all this time I have had to accept with much regret that we would never meet or get the chance to repair our severed chevrons... 116