GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 7

Art Perspective My work tries to discover the meaning of life, which though not simple is rather intricate and perplexing with many parts amazingly interconnected. Journey through various stages of life shapes us through its experiences, perspectives, soul searching quests, beliefs and creates an insatiable yearning to give meaning to a fruitful existence. My painting explores these nuances of existence and brings forth the joys, perplexities, beliefs, realities of life in a manner that provoke viewer’s thinking. They reflect an inspired appreciation of the different aspects of life and hence I use versatility in every creation through diversified themes, colours, ideas, stylization that suits the concept and subject. Acrylic, gouache, drawing, knife, or brush… each media or technic gives a special feel. That’s why each painting has a special treatment depending on the type of message that has to be conveyed. I take inspiration from every feeling a human can experience. My muse is my love for and hope in life…even in the worst scenarios. Pursuing art is an enriching and a fulfilling experience as it allows to unite the elements of art, nature, artist and the viewer. It has led to self-realization and to the very core of my existence. 7