GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 353

drenching from the pouring rain that never stops lost thyself and lost a heart, the weary body drops a pleading heartbeat cried like a roaring thunder visions and thoughts wander to seek and ponder through bright lightning that strikes, a way was found pavement where soul silently creep, without a sound wished to find strength and the chance to stand tall body weakened on buckled knees shall never fall all through, upon the rainbow's end, I sought the joy from pain found on a pot of gold it brought beholding the soul dripping, drenching, stern and still on dark clouds of stormy rain, a heart learns to heal. insight: in a shattered dream a soul slumbered in deep sleep to soon awaken in a brighter day beneath the hues of life at the "RAINBOW'S END" 353