GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 259

who imprisoned the dice throws and sorrows of the loser, and the drunken joy of the winners into a glass museum case with this description: game-board; wooden... variously inlaid square shell plaques;---------------------- -------------------------------I stand at this bridge looking to the game that we too played: poised at the rosette, making the journey yet again, yet again and I see your moves that have made, and you licking your wounds on your side, those I inflicted, those you inflicted yourself, and those you made me believe that I inflicted--in turn I look at the mistakes, sins, (may I call them wounds?) and wonder whether I can pin some on you, even if in my head, for the divorce-court judge would not let me say I was a victim too. Maybe we were both a pack of dogs each, our desires, loathings, biases, 259