GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 213

than 5000 person hell bent on destruction. Not a single person dared to cross the imaginary line that the cop held onto for dear life till a bus carrying more cops came. Kaushikbhai asked some of the excited watchers who the police officer as. It was the famous Mr. Y.S. Babi. He wept, my new friend Kaushik Patel wept like a baby remembering the heroism of honest cops who became rarer and rarer later. Late Mushtaque Ali Khan Babi AKA Max Babi: Max was a multilingual writer, poet who liked a wide variety of formats – whose life was full of oxymoronic shades, a polymath who went from being a specialist to a generalist to a versatilist. Mentoring by being a catalyst enthralled him, he wrote on serendipity and intuition, conducted workshops on a range of subjects and topics. He was a very friendly Santa Claus. 213