GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 211

HONEST COPS I grew up listening to the real flesh and blood underworld in Baroda and Ahmedabad, since Dad was a highly respected cop. I could write a book of short stories on him. The Guj. state Police had to turn to him on three occasions when the most dreaded dacoit Bhupat had been on a rampage of looting and feudal vendettas in most of Saurashtra. He used to shoot the cops sent as messengers to negotiate with him. His terror in 1950s when I was a mere kid was equal to Veerappan's. He finally agreed to meet Dad because he was famed as the most upright Police Officer and he came from the Babi clan that ruled Junagarh for 600 years... he not only met him without arms or accomplices, but he bowed low and saluted a royal family representative. Unfortunately the negotiations failed and 211