GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 209

Oh now, she writes, must be a song, Soon, I'll hear in voice mellifluous! Nostrils tingled, magic she cooks, The voice, the aroma in trance am hooked! Is it a lover, spouse or friend, Engulfed, she stood holding hands! Wishing to swap places, I Bore the envious prangs! Life uneventful, now filled in shades, From her book, I borrowed some pages! Day shines with her laughter, Is dull and damp, as she cries! Time passed, accustomed I became, Her life goes on, spectator I am! Don't judge me, am no peeping Tom, In her, solace I find, my soothing balm! Through the window I live her life, An unknown parasite! 209