GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 174

hypnotizing the eyes within the display.. Packages both large and small wrapped in a plethora of lovely designs and are adorned with colored ribbons and bows. Children run around the tree reading names off labels, "it's mine, and the best" Julie shouts as all are checked but Tommy exclaims, "Santa will bring the rest!" We smile toasting the love of Christmas. The candles in each window are lit with red bulbs, like neighbor, Mrs Harts lipstick. She follows me about trying to catch me under the mistletoe, but I move swiftly, like Santa's reindeer, and for another year she's thwarted from her alluring tricky plot. As we get ready to be seated at the table I help my Mom and sisters with their chairs. Mrs. Hart then waves, and me being macho 174