GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 118

revelation to dull our fiery questioning our inner feelings of hope or confirmation but really it all comes to pass when a loved one has passed from this earth erasing their earthbound past making us to pause think wonder question imagine – What if? Could it be? Why me? Yes, what surely can be agreed is that death darkens our belief perception even our very souls but from the day we are born we all march towards our graves leaving loved ones in limbo on arrival whilst believers cling to the image of that heavenly morning gathering. The Journey – Our arrival into this natural world marked by welcome cream screams announcing our presence in an alien world ravaged by maroon wars, invasion, captivity, insanity, crime and the wonder of nature as our lives commence with the guidance of parents to prepare us in how to become a part of this human race phase by phase. Our path is shared even though our differences leave some impaired 118