GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 110

a savagery inside the brain and inside the spirit; an insanity; a predatory outlook that sees all others as prey... We are traumatised and terrorised and brutalised to a point of no return. As those we love are violated again and again and yet again, we become like ice and steel inside. Our souls assume the texture of razor wire. Something inside us dies, and we begin to become a little like those who had violated us so many times. We become cruel inside and our feelings die. We are slain and die in this beautiful country for whom so many have suffered and died as they fought to try and create a more civilised and more caring country. The culture of criminality and brutality is everywhere. Love is dying everywhere in South Africa. And all we can do is fortify ourselves, as so much of the justice system continues to be a repository of injustice and more Nkandlas get security upgrades... 110