GloMag GloMagDecember2018 - Page 11

every poet in the UK in The Wombwell Rainbow Interviews and very interesting they are (you may find yourself, or even myself, in there if you look hard enough...) This collection draws heavily on Paul's employment history. Not all of those are the most glamorous of jobs (except "poetry performer" — literally the most glamorous job there is...) and you might expect there's a degree of arduous toil, unsympathetic bosses, wearying drudgery to be expressed. In this you'd be right, and these poems do reveal a world of quotidian working days. However, also running through this are threads of razor- sharp observation, human warmth and humour which keep the collection alive and make reading through the 75-odd short poems a light and rewarding experience. Let's start with: workaround some systems don’t work so you have to do a work around when this becomes the system I don’t know 11