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Book Available At p Brookes/dp/9388125487/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8& qid=1545304798&sr=1-3 REVIEW BY IAN BADCOE Paul Brookes is a poet I know through the internet. We used to hang out on Poetry Circle, an online forum... Before I begin this review I must reveal that I live a charmed life. I have always found it easy to get jobs, and places I have worked have been more akin magical kingdoms, than grey Kafkaesque distopias. I try to remain aware that this isn't true for everyone (should be... isn't) but awareness is one thing and knowing what living it is like would be something else again. The main power of this book is it gives you a window into exactly that, and furthermore it paints subtly, neither glorifying, nor playing up to the grimness. From the biography on the back we discover Paul has been a security guard, postman, admin assistant, call centre advisor, lecturer, poetry performer and now works as a shop assistant. He has recently been interviewing almost 10