GLOCAL March 2014 - Page 24

Crimea. It is delusional to believe that countries can be dismembered without the use of violence. Making Republika Srpska a material reality within the territory of BosniaHerzegovina inaugurated waves of ethnic cleansing across the country and a new political economy based on violence, theft and ethno-party rule. destroyed the idea of Bosnia as a multiethnic and multicultural country. This is the nightmare facing certain regions of Ukraine. It could begin in Crimea this Sunday. Let‟s hope crisis diplomacy stops this speeding train before it is too late. Gerard Toal is Professor of Government and International Affairs at Virginia Tech. 22 The Bosnian precedent does not bode well for the future in and beyond As a founding father, Karadžić grew rich from criminal accumulation and war crimes. Weekend warriors from Serbia descended upon Bosnian homes, looting, pillaging and killing. Before the war there were no „Serb territories‟ in Bosnia, just as there are no „Russian territories‟ in Southern and Eastern Ukraine. But during the war the unleashing of gangs with guns Page Federation. In the past, Russia has wisely refrained from openly flouting international law by annexing these, de jure respectively Moldovan and Georgian, territories. If it takes Crimea from Ukraine, however, we are in a new era.