GLOCAL March 2014 - Page 2

CONTENTS Globally Local Year 1, Issue 3 March 2014 ----------------------Editor Imran Hasnat Contributors Mohammad Amjad Hossain Elanie Styne Ishtiaque Alam Gerard Toal ----------------------- 01 A Sense Of History Shared: Birth Of Bangladesh 13 The Cost of Conflicts 15 From Somali Coast to Southeast Asian Waters: Shifting Hotspots of Piracy 19 Could Crimea be another Bosnia? EDITOR’S NOTE In the recent outpouring of condemnation over Russia’s annexation of Crimea, commentators have sharply rebuked the Kremlin’s discursive construction of the crisis. Putin’s justifications for military intervention are invariably chastised as phoney – a mere cover-up for his strong-arm tactics and nationalistic ambitions. Russia’s media outlets are dismissed as peddling an addictive diet of lies. World is now again facing a cold war like environment. We desperately need the world leaders to work towards peace in this time of crisis. In this issue of GLOCAL we have addressed several global issues ranging from independence struggle of small states to global conflicts. Here at GLOCAL we value the freedom of expression to utmost point and thereby claim to be unbiased to any interpretations. We wish to provide credible platform for prospective authors to endeavor into academic discourse, yet views and opinions expressed in the articles of GLOCAL are entirely author's own. We hope that you enjoy this issue of GLOCAL and keep us inspiring through your feedback. Happy Reading!!! .