GLOCAL March 2014 - Page 14

*Mohammad Amjad Hossain, retired diplomat from Bangladesh, former JointDirector of Central Kachi-Kanchar mela, biggest and oldest children organization of Bangladesh and former President of Nova Chapter of prestigious Toastmasters club of America, writes from Virginia 12 Through a well-coordinated action Mukti Bahini (freedom fighters) prepared the ground for an all-out attack on the Pakistani forces. India joined Mukti Bahini to fight against Pakistan army from five fronts,Jessore in the West, Chittagong Hill in the north west,Rangpur in the north, the Sylhet area in the north east and Chittagong port area in the South east. Indian troops had gained command of the fighting on the ground in East Pakistan within ten days and Pakistan army surrendered to joint command of India and Mukti Bahini on December 16, 1971. Bangladesh has emerged as an independent country on the map of the world through massacres of thousands of innocent people, particularly Hindu community, dishonoring hundreds of girls and women in the process of barbarity by Pakistan army. The spilt of Pakistan apart was the traumatic development in the history of the South Asia subcontinent since the partition of the British India in 1947. Page on November 13 that “the world now held a fuller appreciation of the seriousness of the crisis on the Subcontinent and the course of action India would take to resolve it”. On November 21 Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared war against Pakistan in self-defense against approaching Pakistani tank forces. Both super powers did not remain as passive spectators. President Nixon ordered aircraft carrier: Task force 74 to move to a position off Singapore to deter an Indian attack westward, but also to have forces in place in case the Soviet Union pressured China as indicated by Richard Thornton in his book: The Nixon-Kissinger years while Soviet union moved additional units of its Pacific fleet toward the combat zone. China did not get involved in the war in favor of Pakistan which apparently remained silent. On one occasion China criticized India for meddling in the internal affair of Pakistan. Oil –rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Iran did not appear to go along with the dismemberment of the Muslim Country, Pakistan.