GLOCAL March 2014 - Page 11

9 Since war was imposed on the people of East Pakistan, the people resisted the operation of the Pakistan army. It was difficult to resist well-organized and well-equipped trained soldiers. The people fought unequal war till October when Mukti Bahini stepped up their activities and made the life of Pakistan army unbearable. Incidentally, Awami League did not prepare to fight against Pakistan army as can be seen from the writings of Indian Major-General D.K Palit who wrote in his book (The lightening Campaign): Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was aware that a showdown was eminent for which Pakistan army‟s Eastern command headquarters would be adequately prepared. Why did he (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman) not reinforce the general strikes and autonomous administrative policies with some sort of defensive contingency plan? The fact of the matter was simple that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman did not want to dismantle state of Pakistan. The simple reason was that he survived on the pay roll of West Pakistani billionaire Muhammad Yusuf Abdullah Haroon. Until the dismemberment of Pakistan Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was on the pay roll of Yusuf Haroon‟s insurance company: Alpha Insurance Company, which was located at Jinnah Avenue, now Gulistan Avenue. At the suggestion of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at round table conference Gen.Ayub Khan appointed Yusuf Haroon as Governor of Sindh province in 1969 to counter the influence of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who did not have good relations with Page democratic practice but also denied the unity of the state. The Bengalis therefore, cannot be blamed if they later took the cue from the President”. Anthony Mascarenhas further elaborated by saying, “it is now evident that Gen.Yahiya khan‟s regime did not accept the verdict of one man one vote. It deliberately precipitated an East Pakistan-West Pakistan confrontation for its selfish purposes and brought an end to the state. Clearly, then it is the guilty party, not Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.” President Yahya Khan branded the leader of the majority party, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as traitor and blamed the people of East Pakistan as secessionist to justify military action. The fact remains that it was military junta declared a war of annihilation against the people of East Pakistan which comprised the majority population of Pakistan, and it was the heights of absurdity to suggest that majority was seceding.