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international conferences. He is founder of The Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network (an international professional peer mentoring group) and the Creative Melbourne communities, creator of the RMIT University MBA mentoring program and co-facilitator of the Melbourne KM Leadership Forum.

As the principal of IA, he has worked with a wide range of organizations including NASA, World Bank, Singapore government, executive education services, educational institutions and research centers in several countries, HR and training organizations, government departments, fire authorities, health related, social media and creative enterprises, insurance companies, commercial banks, food manufacturers, construction and engineering firms and not-for-profits. Before creating Intelligent Answers consultancy he was the Global Knowledge Director for Cadbury Schweppes, where he facilitated many virtual communities of practice to stimulate knowledge sharing and value creation.

communities of practice to stimulate knowledge sharing and value creation.

About Mark Boyes

Mark Boyes is the founder and Creative Director of Knowledge Ink. An Executive MBA graduate and PhD candidate, Mark is researching how to increase creativity in the project management domain. Mark is also a Lecturer at RMIT’s Graduate School of Business and Law, MBA program, teaching Management of Technology and Innovation Strategy. He has a passion for using creative art to assist teams visualize their strategy. Mark also leverages graphic recording of interactions to assist organizations to find a wide variety of creative options for challenging problems. He has shown that graphic facilitation has become a popular and effective way to capture the essence of what happened, a creative way to share the ideas with others and also make a convenient artifact for reflection and further development.