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If leaders can reverse their thinking from the KNOWN to the UNKNOWN, they can stimulate more options that do not yet exist and therefore better opportunities for the future. By leaning forward into the unknown and exploring we stimulate a mindset of exploration (Figure 3). This shift in thinking enables us to connect the dots that have not yet been connected and to forge new insights. In our modern fast paced world, those who (collectively) co-create new ideas fastest, secure the attention and respect of the customer – the ultimate determinant of sustained success.

the ultimate determinant of sustained success.

The images in this article do not contain the answers, they are the “conversation starters”. Creative visualization is a powerful tool to start conversations as they are metaphorical rather than literal. When you look at a stated problem, you focus in at the “facts of the matter”. However, when you look at a creative or metaphorical image your mind is exploring seeking to make sense of it.

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