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in helping individuals and organizations in the areas of leadership development, organization development, and knowledge management. His interest areas, other than LD, OD, and KM, are in social and corporate culture, particularly which affect people and organizational performance.

ompetencies framework to run simultaneously and smoothly. S/he should be able to take decisions and actions that are relevant to the goal of the organization — even to the extent of sacrificing any KM program if it is conflicting with some other organizational program (which should be a rare case).

About Hendri Ma'ruf:

Hendri Ma’ruf has accumulated years of work experience that encompasses banking & financial, FMCG, and training/consulting industries. Throughout his career, he has been entrusted with different positions ranging from faculty member, manager, to facilitator/coach. Being in his early sixties now, he dedicates his time as a facilitator, coach, and adviser