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Letting documents and expertise emerge at the time of need is a better approach. This is best done in a community of practice. If you need to find a document or an expert, post your request on the most relevant communities. If your communities are working, as expected, you will receive one or more replies and can proceed. Documents and expertise will emerge in the replies to the query. By reading the full thread, you will get a sense of the context for the offered documents, assess different points of view, see points and counterpoints, and be able to synthesize multiple documents and what multiple people think.

Improving decisions, actions, and learning.

Challenges: KM programs are described using vague concepts like “increase engagement," "add value," or "drive transformational change.” These are difficult to measure and achieve.

Solution: Tie KM efforts directly to key business processes. Develop goals and metrics to demonstrate progress in helping people make better decisions, act more effectively, and learn from others.


Focusing on a few initiatives, setting a few simple goals, and not trying to tackle everything possible.

Challenges; There are at least 50 different KM people, process, and technology components available for implementation. It can be tempting to try all of them.

It’s hard to resist the allure of the latest technology, the current fad, or the tool that sounds too good to be true. Organizations tend to establish long lists of arcane metrics.