GLOBE October 2017 October 2017 - Page 15

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Challenges: People can’t find information, resources, or experts they need to do their job. Search doesn’t work, and even when it does, the content is incomplete, obsolete, or irrelevant.

Solution: Add an "I found this useful" button; similar to a “Like” button, but more specific to all content. Encourage users to click on this button for content they were able to reuse. Allow content to be tagged with "proven practice" by an authoritative source. Allow searching by date, tag attribute, most-liked by users, etc., and make content with the most tags, "I found this useful" clicks, tagged with "proven practice" by an authoritative source rise to the top of search results. Determine the topics of greatest importance to the organization, curate a list that can be searched and filtered, and feed these as enterprise search best bets with links to the content deemed to be the best for each of these key topics.


Connecting people to each other so they could help each other at the time of need.

Challenges: KM programs focus on getting people to submit forms, contribute documents, or update skills profiles. These prove difficult to accomplish.

Making useful information easily findable.

"If you ask someone or a body for specific knowledge in the context of a real need, it will never be refused. If you ask them to give you your knowledge on the basis that you may need it in the future, then you will never receive it" - Dave Snowden