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Getting senior leaders to provide funding, demonstrate support, and lead by example.

Challenges: Leaders give lip service to KM. For example, they may advocate the usage of an enterprise social network, but then continue sending email. They say, "You should fill in your own profile," but they have someone else fill in theirs. Instead of using a KM tool, they delegate it to someone else. They want a KM program but fail to allocate budget and resources for it.

Solution: Ask the senior executive to agree to the following: Approve a reasonable budget for people and other KM expenses.

This article describes 15 issues in the field of knowledge management (KM), their challenges, and their solutions. It also provides a list of 15 KM benefits.

Ensure that all KM leaders have the time to do a good job in the role and are allowed to meet in person once a year. Learn how to give a KM program overview presentation. Learn how to use KM tools, and use them to lead by example. Communicate regularly about how the organization is faring in KM. Provide time during leadership team meetings and employee communication events for KM messages. Ensure that KM goals are really set for all employees, and are enforced. Inspect compliance to KM goals with the same fervor as you do with other key performance indicators. Reward employees who share, innovate, reuse, learn, and collaborate. Ensure that time is allowed for sharing, innovating, reusing, collaborating, and learning.


Balancing people, process, and technology components.

Challenges: Immediately diving into choosing and implementing the technology. Fixating on rolling out tools and driving adoption.