Global Home Furnishings Market Research Report Global Home Furnishings Market Research Report

Green Furnishings New trend in Indonesia Home Furnishing Market: Ken Research Indonesians are greatly interested in home furnishings and design their homes beautiful to show-off to their families and friends. The increasing population in Indonesia triggered a positive growth in new homes and home furnishings market. It is observed that the home furnishings market is continuously growing with the years and will surely grow over the period of time. The leading home furnishings in Indonesia are IKEA, Kawan Lama Sejahtera group, Olympic, Alga, Ligna and Guhdo. With the introduction of Inter Ikea Systems in Indonesia, the IKEA brand has experienced a tremendous growth compared to the ever growing Kawan Lama Sejahtera group. Olympic is another brand that offers very cheap home furnishings where middle to lower class income consumers can afford. Indonesia is one of the world’s top furniture exporters along with Japan, France, the UK and the Netherlands. Home furnishing exports by Indonesia has aimed for USD 5 billion by the year 2020. The increased regulatory requirement in Indonesia has made it difficult for small and midsize makers to boost home furnishing exports. A certification that timber is legally acquired is a must in the USA, the EU and several other home furnishing markets. To boost sales in home furnishing, many Indonesia furniture suppliers are intensifying their online marketing efforts by using online platforms. The suppliers in Indonesia are participating in