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Global Grassroots 2011

My name is Josiane ISINGIZWE, and I am the Global Grassroots intern in Rwanda. Currently I am a Generation Rwanda Inc. scholar, and student at Kigali Institute of Science and technology (KIST) in Civil Engineering program. Since my childhood I have always had a passion for women and children, and I have always felt so sad whenever I saw these people suffering. I even had a goal of participating in solving some of the issues they use to face, although I didn’t know where and how to start working on it. Global Grassroots has

Joining Global Grassroots has been like attending a new school where we study people and how to be useful to them. It has helped in shaping my characters, and discovering my potential. It has shown me my real role in the society. Nowadays I participate in different activities in my community, and I am doing a great job at school. Most of the time people elect me to be their leader, and I apply what I learned from this organization successfully. I enjoy

I can proudly stand and say that my future is assured.... I don’t think I would have been who I am today if I didn’t work with Global Grassroots.

Dear Friends of Global Grassroots,

come as the answer to me. This organization has had a big impact in my personal life as well as in my professional life. I’ve gain lots of things beyond what I expected when I joined it in January 2010.

Before 2010 one of my big responsibilities was just studying, and I thought that is all I can do as a student. It's true Studying Civil Engineering as well as any other subject requires lots of time and energy, and sometimes you can convince yourself that you are too busy to think about doing other things before graduation. At the beginning of this internship I doubted if I’d be able to combine it with my studies. My motivation to continue was that I saw Global Grassroots as the only organization which would give me the occasion to work on that goal I grew up with. So I don’t have to limit my dreams.